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Virtual assistants are a great way to grow your business.

However, many new business owners don’t know which tasks are the smartest to give to a virtual assistant or personal assistant.

Not only do virtual assistants offset the tasks you don’t want to do, they also relieve the biggest struggle entrepreneurs face.

What’s an entrepreneur’s biggest obstacle?
Entrepreneurs wear too many hats!

Here’s 25 tasks to outsource to a Virtual Assistant to get you started:

1. Preparing Powerpoint Slideshowsvirtual assistant San Diego
2 .Liaison between you & team members
3. Basic Bookkeeping
4. Set-up Social Media Accounts
5. Manage Social Media Accounts
6. Manage your Blog
7. Publish posts on your Blog
8. Reply to comments on your blog
9. Answering support tickets
10. Blog commenting
11. Participating in discussion forums
12. Email Management/Filtering
13. Setting up Autoresponders for email
14. Booking appointments with clients
15. Following up with clients/customers
16. Receptionist duties
17. Calendar Management
18. File Management
19. Database building
20. Research on topics for blogposts
21. Personal errands (shopping online)
22. Hotel and Flight Booking
23. Transcription of voicemail, video
24. Taking down minutes of meetings
25. Creating basic sales reports


25 Tasks To Outsource To a Virtual Assistant

Now that you know 25 popular tasks to give to a virtual assistant,

What’s the BIGGEST time saving task
a virtual or personal assistant can handle?

The most popular time saving task an entrepreneur faces is email management.

It’s true, they typical entrepreneur can face at least an hour worth of emails on a good day.

Many entrepreneurs can spend up to several hours a day responding and managing emails.

Feeling they’re stuck working in their business rather than on their business can happen if this continues.

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Virtual Assistants are Getting More Popular. They work remotely but become a valuable team player.

Many virtual and personal assistants work freelance or by contract. True, many virtual assistants do similar work of a secretary or administrative tasks.

If you’re looking for a virtual assistant or personal assistant in San Diego, feel free to check out my services. I can save you time and money.










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