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Personal Assistant Cocoa Beach Florida

Your Cocoa Beach FL Personal Assistant and Virtual Assistant Service Provider

“Turning your To Do’s into Ta Dahhhs!”

As a Cocoa Beach FL Personal Assistant ,I help small businesses’ save time & money by outsourcing their needs.

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As a business owner, your time is better spent doing what is necessary to grow your business—not being called to perform the routine tasks and to-do lists which you may have come to dread and which bog you down.

Have you reached that tipping point where it makes more sense to hire a part time associate to help maximize your effort; where time is best spent on income flow.

With an ongoing dialogue we will create a strategy and campaign tailored to your business.

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Branding and Marketing

Small Business Consulting

Virtual Assistance

Media Manager


Proofreading and Submission

Honest Feedback on Ideas


Newsletters / Content Writing


Benefits of a Virtual Assistant for your Business

A virtual assistant works from her own office, you will enjoy several cost effective solutions:

  • NO extra office space or equipment costs
  • NO hiring of employees
  • NO employee related taxes, insurance, or benefits to buy
  • You pay only for time worked on your task
  • Get relief

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San Diego personal assistant





Client Care

Your Business is Unique…

Let’s build something together

Your clients ARE your business, developing and maintaining strong healthy relationships with them is key to long-term success.

We all have strengths and weaknesses…..

I can help you SHINE, placing you in the best light in all facets of your expertise.

Business owners need to ensure that they are giving their clients a professional trustworthy experience to go with their name.

Lisa can help to ensure all your clients are attended to in a timely fashion.

Partnering with Lisa, your virtual assistant who can manage your client relationships on a day to day basis, shows customers their importance to you.

With Lisa’s help as your virtual assistant; she is able to respond promptly, spend ample time speaking over phone and email, and help you get to know your clients better. Let’s give every client the VIP treatment so that each one feels like they are your most important client.

My career began in client relations; I love talking with people and am really great at it.
Below is a list of services I offer to help businesses manage client relationships.

Branding and Marketing

Small Business Consulting

Virtual Assistance

Media Manager





San Diego personal assistant






Personal Assistance

      The Sky is the Limit

What’s getting in your way: requiring too much of your time that you would prefer to hand off to an expert?

  • Research and Reserve all aspects of your travel itinerary
  • Bill Pay Service
  • Travel Companion
  • Scheduling
  • Personal Shopper
  • Event Organizer

What do you need help with?


Travel Photography

Travel Companion


Vacation Planning

Sending out Birthday/Holiday Cards

As your Virtual Assistant, I work with other professionals, who specialize in:

Web Design / Graphic Design


House Cleaning

Organizing, Pony Rides, and More!

“Impressions Make Impressions”

Phone: 760-500-7583

Email: Lisa@ConsideritDone.CC

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